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Taking Sororities to a new level of communication!

Secure Communication tools necessary for the unique needs of sorority life.

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About MCR

The only chapter communication tool created by a sorority woman exclusively for sororities!


Empower chapter members to be accountable!  Engage and allow members to be responsible for their actions.


Communicate chapter business on-time and without hassle!  Create transparency and become a better leader.


Allow your members to feel valued!  It is better for all to collaborate rather than a chosen few!

We are dedicated to making sure our clients have what they need to be great communicators. MCR will organize each chapter so that all of your sororities needs are in one place. And the best of is completely customized.

"The art of communication is the language of leadership."

– James Humes (Author & former presidential speechwriter)

MCR Features

Levels of Access

Lifetime/New Member, Leadership, Finance, Admins, Standards, Questions, Website, Alumnae, and Parents.

Secure Login

Feel comfortable in knowing that all your information is password protected and secure!

External Website

Organize your chapter inside and out! Everything is done from within MCR and the best part about it…you don’t need to be a web designer!

Global Connectivity

The option to connect with collegian and alumnae sisters from all over the world.

Group Chat

Chat with any customized or auto-generated groups from within the security of MCR.

MCR Mail

MCR integrates your own mail system…no more excuses - no more "SPAM"!  You can either read it in MCR or opt-in to having it sent to your external email account or as a text message.

Customized Message Boards

A secure way to post announcements, birthday wishes, ask questions, and much more. You can also tag groups of women in the chapter to let them know that the post you have created relates to them.

Dynamic Calendar

Calendars are completely customizable to meet your chapter needs.  The MCR calendar can be synced to your personal calendar a well.

Incentive Program

Hold your members accountable by using the integrated incentive program, commonly called positive points. It's as easy as entering points, submitting excuses and attendance!

Secure Document Sharing

Post your bylaws, house rules, committee listings, executive slate, recruitment materials, songs and much more. Even if you decide not to share your files with the chapter, your executive board can use this area to file everything that belongs to your chapter for future reference.

Excuse Forms

Empower sisters to let you know if they cannot attend an event. No more separate emails sent to a different email account. All excuses are streamlined through MCR's excuse system and can be validated with a couple of clicks.


Polling & Sign ups

You can post multiple choice or open-ended questions to each sister to include them in decision making. Ask the entire chapter or a specific group. How about sign-up sheets? Have women sign up for time slots or specific sections...all online!

“MCR has been amazing for our chapter. I honestly would be lost without the use of the internal website for communication with the chapter, event updates and reminders through calendars and forums, along with the elimination of endless paperwork by utilizing electronic signatures.”

“MCR is a great investment for any chapter large or small.  It allows, collegians and advisors to be in constant communication, it allows chapter members to stay current with the calendar, points, etc.”

“MyChapterRoom tremendously centralizes communication within a chapter. We are in the process of using it to cut off use of our email list serve, and find it also makes the jobs of our exec officers so much easier.  We love it and Penny has been so helpful this whole year…I highly recommend it!”

“MCR continues to be an excellent addition to our house.  We have used it for last minute things we forgot at meetings, a reference for phone numbers of our sisters, event dates and times are always posted for those who can’t remember and keeping in touch with out of house sisters…Thank you for all the time and effort you put into making this so amazing and easy to use.”

“MCR has made communicating with my women in my organization a 1000x easier! I couldn’t imagine using anything else. Besides the email and the emergency text messaging, MCR has so many other features that everyone in the organization knows everything that is going on from the forums to the calendar all the information is right at your fingertips.”

“We absolutely love it!  Between the texts, pools and forums it makes holding girls accountable much easier and makes keeping them informed so much easier.”

“As VP of Recruitment MCR has helped me stay organized and effectively communicate with my chapter. It has given me the ability to plan my schedule ahead of time and inform my sisters of important dates and events coming up in the future. It helps keep everyone on the same page and eliminates the hassle of constant reminders. MCR also allows me to post any information I’ve gone over with the chapter into a special Recruitment forum. The positives that come from this site are endless and we are so lucky to have such an amazing tool for our chapter.”

Meet Our Team

Penny Zamkov

Penny Zamkov

Founder & CEO

CEO and founder of MCR, Penny feels that great communication can help shape the future of our Greek system.  MCR empowers women to be better communicators and provides the tools necessary for the unique needs of sorority life.  We need to inspire our leaders to build stronger chapters and provide quality sisterhood time.

Penny’s passion combines great communication with empowering women.  After years of volunteer experiences within Alpha Chi Omega she continues to take MCR to the next level, ensuring that all MCR members enjoy their experience.

Chad Adams

Chad Adams

Chief Technology Officer

Chad has recently joined the MCR team.  He brings 25 years of technology experience in areas as diverse as training,  sales, development and quality assurance.  He brings a unique perspective on relevant emerging technology that he will be incorporating to  keep our system current and our  members happy . 

Most of his free time is spent with his family,  whom he often recruits to help him with his landscaping, woodworking and remodeling projects around the house.

Simon Barnaby

Simon Barnaby

Chief Systems Developer

Simon joined MCR in 2003 as the chief systems analyst/ developer and continues to lead MCR to new heights.  Simon believes that there is no such thing as “can’t”; if members want/need something, then they get it, end of story.

Simon has extensive experience as a Systems Analyst/Developer designing and building I.T. systems.  He has also designed systems to facilitate the management of the work for companies responsible for timesheet systems, project management systems, and software development management systems.

Diana Yoraschek

Diana Yoraschek

Client Relations Director

Diana provides the team with a framework for making our clients happy. Ensuring that our collegiate members have the tools they need to communicate and lead efficiently is her main concern. She brings her expertise and experience along with her never-ending devotion to sorority life to the team.

When she’s not working or volunteering as an advisor for her sorority, she loves spending quality time with her family and her dog, Buddy!

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