Secure Communication tools necessary for the unique needs of sorority life

We are dedicated to making sure our clients have what they need to be great communicators.  MCR empowers women to be better communicators and in turn to be better leaders.

MCR will organize each chapter so that all your sororities needs are in one place.  An efficiently-run sorority chapter is sure to free up more time for sisterhood activities!

MCR thrives on customization. We find that the best ideas and inspiration comes from the members who use our custom service.

"The art of communication is the language of leadership."

-James Humes (Author and former presidential speechwriter)

MCR Features

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Our Users Love Us

"MCR continues to be an excellent addition to our house.  We have used it for last minute things we forgot at meetings, a reference for phone numbers of our sisters, event dates and times are always posted for those who can't remember and keeping in touch with out of house sisters...Thank you for all the time and effort you put into making this so amazing and easy to use."


"MCR is a great investment for any chapter large or small.  It allows, collegians and advisors to be in constant communication, it allows chapter members to stay current with the calendar, points, etc."


"I honestly don't know how chapters function without MCR.  MCR is what holds our chapter together without a house!  It is so easy and convenient for every one.  Thank you!"


"We absolutely love it!  Between the texts, pools and forums it makes holding girls accountable much easier and makes keeping them informed so much easier."


"MCR has been amazing for our chapter. I honestly would be lost without the use of the internal website for communication with the chapter, event updates and reminders through calendars and forums, along with the elimination of endless paperwork by utilizing electronic signatures."


"Penny (The sites owners and creator) has one of the most professional companies I have come in contact with.  She also is an alum of the greek system and is constantly working to update MCR to keep it on the cutting edge of technology."


"MyChapterRoom tremendously centralizes communication within a chapter. We are in the process of using it to cut off use of our email list serve, and find it also makes the jobs of our exec officers so much easier.  We love it and Penny has been so helpful this whole year...I highly recommend it!"



team member
Penny Zamkov


Creator and Owner of MCR, Penny feels that great communication can help shape the future of our Greek system.  MCR empowers women to be better communicators and provides the tools necessary for the unique needs of sorority life.  We need to inspire our leaders to build stronger chapters and provide quality sisterhood time.

Penny’s passion combines great communication with empowering women.  After years of volunteer experiences within Alpha Chi Omega she continues to take MCR to the next level, ensuring that all MCR members enjoy their experience.

team member
Simon Barnaby

Chief Systems Developer

Simon joined MCR in 2003 as the chief systems analyst/ developer and continues to lead MCR to new heights.  Simon believes that there is no such thing as “can’t”; if members want/need something, then they get it, end of story.

Simon has extensive experience as a Systems Analyst/Developer designing and building I.T. systems.  He has also designed systems to facilitate the management of the work for companies responsible for timesheet systems, project management systems, and software development management systems.

team member
Victoria Formica

Content Support Coordinator

Victoria helps to ensure that all of your questions about MCR are answered!  She assists in arranging and managing the resources available to assist you in navigating MCR for your maximum benefit.

From collegian to alum, Victoria has always used MCR and is committed to making sure you can take advantage of all of its resources!

team member
Lauren Ottulich

Strategy Consultant

Lauren provides the team with a framework for making effective decisions about the direction of MCR. Ensuring that our collegiate members have the tools they need to communicate and lead efficiently is her main concern. She brings her management expertise and experience along with her never-ending devotion to sorority life to the team.
When she’s not chatting up collegiates at conventions across the country, she’s home in New York City working on completing her MPA at NYU Robert F. Wagner School for Public Service.

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Its as easy as 1 - 2 - 3... We encourage every chapter to push the limits and come up with exciting new ways to communicate. When you see what this service can do, you will understand the immeasurable benefits.


Free Trial

We will set you up so your chapter will have a fully functioning website for 60 days – FREE!!  After the 60 days when you know you can’t live without MCR, all you do is continue to enjoy great communication…nothing needs to be done.



The $200 Initiation Fee allows MCR to be customized for your chapter. It includes the creation and customization of your MCR website, a customizable external website, unlimited storage and text messages, live training webinar, unparalleled customer support and much more.  Depending on your organization, a yearly renewal fee may apply.



$1.40 per member / per month.  This fee allows MCR to be the best communication software for sororities on the market today.  Note: Chapters do not pay for members who resign in the month they resign. Chapters will pay for new members the month they have been invited into membership.


Screen shot 2015-01-28 at 5.42.47 PM

Women in the Media: DVA Super Bowl Commercial

For the first time ever, domestic violence and sexual assault will be addressed during the Super Bowl. In the PSA a woman calls 911 and pretends to order a pizza so that her abuser doesn’t catch on to her plan. It’s about time that this issue is brought to light during a time when millions […]


MCR Fun Feature: Secure Group Chat – COMING SOON!

MCR is currently working on a secure group chat that will be mobile ready and look something like this. You can have multiple threads and conversations at once. Now communicating with your e-board, committee, or pledge class will be easier than ever.


Alpha Chi Omega Leadership Academy 2015

Our CEO and founder, Penny Zamkov, had a great time at Alpha Chi Omega’s Leadership Academy this past weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana. Penny was involved in two workshops where she had the opportunity to discuss how MCR helps chapters to collaborate and communicate, all while empowering the women involved. Thank you to Alpha Chi Omega […]